greenports strategy


The initial activities of the greenports strategy, which involved checking the eligibility of port construction projects for approval and safeguarding their implementation, have been continuously expanded. Involving the players in the port business in resolving the environmental demands of the port ultimately enabled the systematic analysis and assessment of all the different economic, ecological and social requirements, which in turn facilitated identification of the relevant targets and management policies.

Port Environmental Review System

As part of the greenports strategy, the ports of Bremen have successfully been certified in accordance with the Port Environment Review System by the external certification body Lloyd’s Register Rotterdam since 2011. One special feature in that respect is that different port actors – in this case Bremen’s Senator for Science and Ports, the port management company bremenports and the Harbour Master Office (HBH) – are regarded and audited jointly and that the audit also takes into account performance by the port economy.

Environmental Report 2020

Global Reporting Initiative

Right from the start, the sustainability management reporting and external audit that form part of the greenports strategy have been based on the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The 2012 Sustainability Report was the first ever to be prepared for a German port and immediately achieved Reporting Level B+ in accordance with the GRI 3.1 standard. Reporting by bremenports has been performed annually since then. From 2014 onwards, it has complied with the extended GRI standard G4.

Sustainability Report 2020

The greenports strategy in force at the ports of Bremen, in conjunction with the regular reporting and certification activities, has also attracted great international attention. It has also won several Awards and a place amongst the TOP 5 in the 2017 German Sustainability Award in recognition of its achievements. For Bremen and for everyone involved in the development of the greenports strategy, these accolades are both welcome recognition and simultaneously a benchmark for all future activities.

ESPO Award 2016  

IAPH Silver Award 2017 

TOP 5 in the 2017 German Sustainability Award


The greenports strategy is an integral part of the mission statement of bremenports GmbH & Co. KG and of the location policy for the ports of Bremen. The future communication and implementation of this strategy remains an ongoing task.

The midterm objective is to make the port infrastructure carbon-neutral by the year 2023. The strategy also supports further initiatives relating to carbon-neutral or zero emission transport chains.