The wierde (terp village) Weiwerd is located to the south of Chemie Park Delfzijl. It dates back to around the beginning of our era and was officially registered in 1961 as an archaeological heritage site.

Groningen Seaports is developing the terp village into a knowledge-intensive business site. The cultural-historical values form an important starting point. The radial structure, which is still intact, will thus be completely preserved and even emphasised. But existing industrial buildings will also be conserved and the archaeological value of the terp village will also be taken into account in new buildings.

A promising cluster will thus be created at Brainwierde Weiwerd. An inspiring location where issues from the surrounding industry and the knowledge of innovative companies come together. And where technology and cooperation are interwoven in the landscape in a special way.

The Wadden Sea Fund (Waddenfonds) has made a contribution to this. The contribution will be used to restore the infrastructure to its original state. The image quality plan of the terp village lays down the parameters for further developments.

Agreements have been made with the Cultural Heritage Agency on the implementation of the work. The agency has described the project as a good example of rezoning cultural heritage.

Environmental Aspects Involved

The conservation of cultural heritage, combined with the economic development of the area.

Stakeholders Involved

  • Stichting behoud weiwerd (foundation for the preservation of Weiwerd)
  • Cultural Heritage Agency
  • Waddenfonds
  • Municipality of Delfzijl
  • Groningen Seaports
  • Landscape architect West8

More information is available at: www.weiwerd.nl