Waste management in Ports with the help of a floating bin

Niedersachsen Ports

Marine litter is not only a global problem, but also a noticeable one in our ports. The Seabin brings a solution, a floating waste bin which serves to combat the plastic waste in our ports. It creates suction on the surface of the water, thereby ‘catching’ any floating debris, such as microplastics and macroplastics, as well as microfibers. In addition, the floating unit skims off organic materials like algae and leaves. How much certain port areas are polluted by maritime waste depends, among other things, on the wind and the current. Very often, those forces are responsible for the accumulation of floating debris in certain areas of the port. Therefore, these relatively easy to control locations tend to be the ideal environment for our Seabins.  A Seabin can capture up to 20 kgs of waste. Our colleagues regularly empty the Seabins, and the waste is properly disposed of.

Niedersachsen Ports is committed to avoiding environmental pollution and operates in accordance with the principle of sustainability in all areas of the company. The use of the Seabin technology is intended to complement our professional waste disposal concepts in the ports. As of 10.11.2022, 2087 litres of waste has already been collected from our ports with the Seabin.