Fuelling facilities fishery ships

The Cooperative Buyers Organisation (C.I.V. Texel) owns the fuelling facilities in Oudeschild (island of Texel, economically linked to Port of Den Helder) and radically changed their way of fuel distribution in 2015. They switched from the traditional oil-supply vessel to a fixed system with custom designed pump units, which can also take in used lube-oil, bilgewater and domestic wastewater. The fishing vessels owned by members of C.I.V. Texel have all been fitted with double overfill security systems and the pump units operate fully automatic, minimizing human errors. Furthermore, the fixed system replacing the oil-supply vessel reduces the amount of vessel movements and oil-handling in the port itself. The local fishermen are also looking at ways to lower the emissions generated by the vessel engines. The Texel fleet has switched to low-sulfur diesel and is looking at possibilities for Gas To Liquid (GTL) alternatives.

Besides being used for fuelling, the pump units are also used for intake of liquid waste (lube-oil, bilge and wastewater). After collection, it is pre-processed in separated tanks owned by the C.I.V. Texel. The collected bilgewater goes through a dewatering system and the toiletwater goes through a coarse filtersystem before it enters the local sewage system.

Besides the fishing fleet, visiting smaller tourist vessels can also be serviced using this integrated fuelling system.