The Wadcrawler

Wad Crawler

The Wadcrawler was developed by BDS Harlingen, the contractor for oil removal on the Wadden Sea. Support for this development was provided by the Northern Leeuwarden University of Applied Sciences (NHL).

The innovative amphibious vehicle is capable of removing oil on dry areas of mudflats and other difficult-to-access areas. The vessel can be used both on the water and on hard and soft surfaces.

Due to the wide caterpillar tracks it is extremely suitable for use on soft sludge soils. By means of vacuum suction the oil is extracted from the sludge, so that as little sand as possible is removed.

When using in the water, a so-called skimmer is hung in front of the vehicle. This creams the layer of oil off the water surface, after which it is stored in a collection container and can be disposed of.

The Wadcrawler is very effective and efficient in the oil removal of the shallow parts of the Wadden Sea, hence the chosen name.

The Wadcrwler is now operational and was used, among other things, in the large oil control exercise “Oil Alert Wadden Sea”.

The Wadcrawler is supported by the Waddenfund