Steam Grid


Groningen Seaports

In 2000 a research has been completed to investigate the possibilities for a public steam network in the Oosterhorn area. There were different recipients, but at that time there was no provider of the steam. In 2006 Eon Energy from waste decided to invest in a power plant producing steam in stead of electricity.

GSP invested in a public network between different recipients and the provider(s) of the steam. The provider has the possibility to rent the use of the public grid to provides its steam. The contracts between the recipients and the provider(s) is the responsibility of these companies.

Since 2010 the network is available and the network is still expanding to new recipients. Currently there are 5 recipients connected and a 6th will be realised in 2012.

Total investment 12.6 million euro

Environmental Aspects Involved

  • Reduction of 95.000 tons Co2 emissions (2 % of the target of the Province Groningen)
  • Reduction of 80 m3 natural gas for the individual steam installations
  • No discharge of cooling water in the Waddensea
  • Higher energy efficiency at the power plant
  • Stimulation of Industrial Ecology

Stakeholders Involved

  • Provider
  • Recipients
  • Contractor