Research for Sustainable Port Practices

Niedersachsen Ports

We at NPorts are constantly striving to develop further into a sustainable port whether in small practical things or large international research projects. Through new and innovative research projects, which we carry out together with partner ports and funding bodies, we are committed to a sustainable port economy. In many projects, we work across locations and countries on digital innovations and environmentally sustainable future scenarios. One funding body that has already supported us in several projects is INTERREG, an European funding program for sustainable development and cooperation. Examples of this cooperation are the projects DUAL Ports, NON STOP and RedII-Ports.

At our Emden branch, we have implemented the two Interreg projects DUAL Ports, where we optimized our port lighting by installing an intelligent and innovative lighting system and NON STOP, where we are developing a concept for a smart sediment and water management system. In our newest Interreg project REDII Ports we aim to develop measures to generate renewable energy in the port and integrate them into port processes. In this project, we will investigate the potential to generate renewable energy from solar, wind and hydropower and install small test facilities in the ports. Along the coast of Norway via Denmark to France, a total of 14 partner ports will work on very concrete solutions over the next 3 years to make ports in the North Sea region more sustainable.