MARPOL Incentives for Ship Waste

Clean solutions: The Niedersachsen ports are committed to preventing the pollution of the oceans by oil residues and garbage. Therefore, the regulations of MARPOL, an international convention for the protection of the seas, i.e. Marine Pollution from Ships, are implemented very diligently by us. With our receptacle facilities within our ports we ensure professional recycling and disposal of ships’ wastes.

A mandatory system with perks: Incoming ships are, subject to our General Terms of Use, required to pay a waste disposal lump sum. Only when they actually dispose of their waste via the receptacle facilities within our ports do they receive a refund of their waste disposal lump sum of 70%. With this incentive we ensure that ships‘ waste is not dumped at sea, but is delivered to professional, certified companies at the port, who will dispose of it the right way.