Lighting Principles

Niedersachsen Ports

As a sustainably designed company, we want to give greater priority to the aspect of lighting and implement recommendations as uniformly as possible across our 15 port locations. We elaborated four principles to reduce the light emissions in ports:



  1. Light Shielding includes low light point hights as well as avoiding the illumination of objects or water surfaces. Shielded light fixtures can thus be used to reduce light smog in our ports.
  2. Light Control deals with a software based light management system to provide light in a demoand oriented way (e.g. turn off lights during midnight).
  3. Light Color determines which light is used in which areas to reduce the impact of ultraviolet and blue light on insects.
  4. Light Monitoring means regular inceptions of the light to monitor light requirements.

These principles come into force as guiding principles for renovation and new construction and should be applied for most of the installations.