Led Lights

Niedersachsen Ports

It is our intent to gradually convert the lighting of the port facilities to LED technology. On the one hand, LED technology features a much longer life span than the conventional sodium high-pressure lamps, on the other hand, the LED lamps use less energy, which means that applying some simple measures will result in a radical reduction in electric power consumption.

For Niedersachsen Ports, another argument for the use of LEDs was the great recycling ratio of the lamps, which can do without harmful substances like mercury or lead, which makes them easy to dispose of. In addition to the port lighting, workshops and administrative building will be converted to LED technology as well.

For the branch-transcending collaboration on future-proof and sustainable port lighting, we created in 2016 a company-wide corresponding group of experts. This group is made up of lighting experts from all NPorts ports and meets in regular intervals.