Intelligent Port Lighting

Niedersachsen Ports

Aside from energy-efficient measures and the promotion of renewable energies, our goal at Niedersachsen Ports is to reduce CO2 emissions by setting a focus on lighting in our ports. About one quarter of the energy consumption in modern ports can be attributed to lighting. Therefore, switching the lighting to more contemporary light sources can contribute tremendously to the lowering of the energy consumptions and to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Within the scope of DUAL Ports, a pilot project for smart and resource-saving lighting at the Port of Emden was implemented.

In 2019, the lighting system was installed and tested as a smart and innovative LED system on a track facility, which serves as an automobile transshipment hub. Motion sensors as well as light and rail sensors capture the situation at hand and control the lamps accordingly (the system can also be operated remotely via an app). This ensures that light is provided wherever and whenever needed, and in whatever light strength is actually required. With the help of demand-driven amounts of light from the modern LED lamps and through the largest possible degree of automation aided by sensors, we were able to reduce the energy consumption by 43%. Therefore, the new lighting installation is an integral part of a sustainable, future-oriented and innovative project.