Hydrogen applications in ports

Niedersachsen Ports

At NPorts we are investigating the potential of hydrogen as an alternative energy carrier in several research projects, especially focussing on the storage of hydrogen and its usage as a possible future fuel. Ports and maritime businesses require significant amounts of energy, and they cause CO2 emissions and air pollutant that can be reduced, if you use regenerative energies at a higher level. In various research projects, we are investigating possible applications for hydrogen as an alternative energy carrier in our ports.

Within the project WASH2Emden we examined the opportunities to exploit unused regenerative electricity, convert it, and then store the new form of energy as “green” hydrogen and utilize it in various applications in the port. This aims to create emission reductions for the shoreside port operation, in logistics, but also for ships moored in the port, by utilizing regeneratively produced hydrogen. At HyShunter we develop a hydrogen-powered shunting locomotive with our port partners to enable emission-free shunting in three participating ports. The infrastructure for new refilling stations is planned for our port in Wilhelmshaven. In the third project H2NPorts we have engaged in the preparation of a feasibility study for the construction of hydrogen filling stations at the non-electrified port railway facilities of NPorts.