Green Data Port

Groningen Seaports

In September 2014 Groningen Seaports received approval to extend Eemshaven for the establishment of data centres. During the preparations for this decision there was intensive cooperation with the nature and environment organisations to link the economic development to an ecological plus. This was achieved by means of a number of structural measures:

The bat sanctuaries will be relocated: for this purpose. Boxes have been mounted and a special bat citadel will be built. It has been decided in consultation with the Vlinderstichting (butterfly foundation) to plant a flower-rich mixture and to apply contouring. Nature-friendly banks will be made in the waterways.
The pumping station will be modified in such a way that fish can surmount this obstacle and move between fresh and salt water. The measures have resulted in no objections being made to the zoning plan.  To cap it all, Google has decided to buy energy from the wind turbines being built in Delfzijl.

Environmental Aspects Involved

  • Increasing biodiversity and natural values
  • Use of sustainable energy

Stakeholders Involved

  • Nature and environment organisations
  • Municipality of Eemsmond
  • Province of Groningen
  • Water board Noorderzijlvest
  • Google

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