Avoiding ship accidents

Niedersachsen Ports

The high traffic density in port areas can lead to dangerous situations. Ships have to manoeuvre when entering and leaving port areas and when docking and casting off in areas that are difficult to assess (i.e. surrounding traffic, tides, currents and strong winds). In these situations, damage to ships and port infrastructure means, at best, property damage, but it can also lead to injury of human beings or environmental pollution or block the port infrastructure for a long period of time.

The aim of SmartKai is to develop a ship-independent assistance system that is implemented into the infrastructure on the port side and is aimed at pilots and nautical personnel on a ship’s bridge. LiDAR, AIS and hydrological sensors are used to enable continuous and precise assessment of the position and movements of a ship approaching the port infrastructure. As part of the project, specific sensors are being developed that meet the port-side and systemic requirements. The assistance system is to be used and tested at Niedersachsen Ports in Cuxhaven.